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Delicious, handcrafted beverages and great-tasting food made from simple, yet finest ingredients. Coffee is at our heart, and so are all the ways we bring the Starbucks experience to you, wherever you are.

Whether it’s your favorite go-to cup of coffee to get your day started or a quick pick-me-up treat, we’ve got something for everyone. Here are some sips and bites to help you celebrate the little joys of everyday.


Explore Beverages

From hot and rich to cold and refreshing, there’s a whole world of Starbucks® beverages for you to discover, love and enjoy.


Explore Food

Our pastries and sandwiches are made with high-quality, simple ingredients. So all the goodness you taste is real food, simply delicious.



Starbucks Nutrition and Allergen Information

It’s not just about caffeine. All Starbucks products are made from great, fresh-tasting ingredients.

Want to know which allergens are in our food and beverages or how much caffeine is in your cappuccino? Find out how to view the allergen and nutrition information for all the Starbucks food and beverages you love, including your favourite customised drinks.

We do not guarantee any of our products are free of a particular allergen due to shared equipment, utensils and open product handling in our stores.